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My husband and I contracted with them to do remodel our pool. We paid them a deposit in good faith. From the very beginning they acted so unprofessional and shady. For instance, I received a coupon in my mail the day before we signed the contract, that said we would get 6 months of free pool service for any remodel job over $5000. Our job was over $10,000 so I mentioned it to owner. He said that he would have to have known about the coupon before quoting the job. In other words, he would have just upped the price to cover the cost of service. How unethical is that?????

Next, he started adding little things here and there for "upgrade" pricing. Ok, I dealt with that and the coupon thing......just wanted my pool done. One of his subcontractors delivered the totally wrong color coping to our home. It took them 1.5 weeks to get a "current dye lot" from another supplier. Then when I ok'd the current dye lot they told me it had to be ordered and would be another 3 weeks. So how did I look at a current dye lot, if it is not in stock??? When I questioned that, the owner sent me an email saying he would just refund my deposit. He wasn't even man enough to call me and discuss it. So I spent 6 weeks and numerous hours running all over town picking things out (because he just has a nasty trailer out in the warehouse district off Adamo drive) waiting for my pool to start, only to be at square one again.

I am actually thankful he canceled, because in that 6 week time, I realized how unprofessional everything was being run. A couple times he told me, he could tell I was a reasonable person and wouldn't be too upset if it didn't look exactly perfect!!! How scary is that?!! I will be much better off with my new company.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Sharper Image Pools. The most disappointing about sharper image pools remodeling from Sharper Image Pools was customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Sharper Image Pools cancelled this customer prior the performing any work on the pool. Unfortunately no matter how nice and professional we attempted to navigate into the construction process nothing would make her happy.

We determined we would not start the project and immediately give her a refund. Construction needs to be performed in a specific manner and when asked to do work a specific way due to a limited budget that will not allow at least a 99% possibility and a plan for success we need to bring this to our customers attention. 25 years business and this was the first time we returned a deposit and refused work , but with extensive experience we could see a problem her.

I wish her the best and as always we appreciate all our business and customers.

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